10 Bathroom Faucets with the Longest Spout Reach

When shopping for bathroom fixtures, it’s quite common to have everything picked out only to find out later that one or two items do not quite fit into your bathroom’s decor. One of the most common occurrence is that the bathroom sink faucet you selected does not have a long enough spout. This is especially true for larger bathroom with 5″ ft vanities & above.

Unfortunately, some of the best collections have faucets with shorter spouts. With this in mind, we decided to do a little research and compiled a list of 10 bathroom sink faucets in the market with the longest spout reach.

Rohl San Giovanni 8″ (6-59/64″ ) / Rohl Lombardia

The Rohl San Giovanni takes first place on our list coming in with a spout reach of 6-59-64″. This faucet shares a lot of the same characteristics as the Rohl Lombardia. The tubular area of the spout is the same exact part, hence the identical spout reach. Where the San Giovanni is different is in the styling of the base, which is a little more detailed and would fall on a more transitional side.

The Rohl San Giovanni comes in the xame exact same four finishes: Chrome, Polished Nickel, Satin Nicke. & Tuscan Bronze. It is also available in a cross handle option. Since Rohl is more of a luxury, pricing for the San Giovanni typically starts at $600+.

Rohl Eclissi (6-59/64″)

Rohl is a luxury brand known for durable solid brass faucets and high end designs. They understand their market typically have larger bathrooms than the average homeowner so they offer a variety of faucets with a long spout reach.

The Rohl Eclissi is a perfect example of this. It has one of the longest spout reach at 6-1/2″. This is particularly impressive as it’s not one of the taller faucets in the market.

The Rohl Eclissi will slide in perfectly in a contemporary bathroom. It’s the classic square design that has become popular in recent years. If the bold angular look, is your cup of tea, the Rohl Eclissi is definitely the one with the longest spout reach in that niche.

Rohl Campo (6-11/16″ )

The Rohl Campo comes in third place at 6-11/16″. This faucet is also a perfect fit for a contemporary style bathroom, though it can also be considered transitional. It has a variety of handle styles from level to a knob style.

If you’re looking for a faucet with a long reach that also that is also short in height, the Rohl Campo is probably your best bet. It should be also noted that the Lombardia has a version of their faucet with the same exact spout measurements both in height & reach.

Kohler Components (6-5/8″)

The Kohler Components is a modular faucet that comes in a variety of handles & spout styles. The version with the longest spout reach is the 90 degree Angular style. It measures in at 6-5/8″ , while the both the Tubular Gooseneck & Square Gooseneck come in at 6-5/16″. Those versions on their own would be good enough to come in 6th on our list.

The Kohler Components is available in the following finishes

  • Matte Black
  • Chrome
  • Brushed Nickel.

Kohler Devonshire K394-4 (6-3/8″ )

The Kohler Devonshire is probably the most popular faucet on our list. It is a staple of the Kohler brand. It’s a traditional style faucet that is also pretty short in height. Its long spout measures at 6-3/8″, good enough to take 4th place. It’s offered in a variety of finishes including: Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Polished Brass, Polished Nickel & Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Due to its popularity, it’s one of the most readily available faucet. So if you’re in a rush to get a faucet with a long reach quickly, going with the Devonshire will almost assure you that you receive it in a timely manner.

Pfister Iyla 8″ (6-7/32″ Spout Reach)

The Pfister Iyla is the most affordable widespread faucet on our list. At 6-7-32″, it comes in 5th place. It’s offered in 4 finishes: Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Polished Nickel & Tuscan Bronze.

Pfister Iyla Widespread Specs

You should be able to find the Iyla at any of the large online faucet retailers & like the Kohler Devonshire, they are typically in stock in all finishes.

Rohl Vincent (6-1/16″ )

Rohl again makes an appearance at 6th place. This time is the Rohl Vincent which is a thick square looking faucet with hard clean lines. This faucet is ideal for a large contemporary bathroom especially with a focus square designs. Its girth can be a little overwhelming for smaller bathrooms. It’s available in three finishes: Chrome, Polished Nickel & Satin Nickel.

Rohl Vincent Technical Specs

Newport Brass Amisa 8″ (6″ )

If you’re looking for a faucet with a long spout in a hard to find finish, the Newport Amisa might just be the faucet you’re looking. it’s offered in 20+ finishes. Although Chrome & Satin Nickel are readily available, most of these finishes are made to order and can take up to 12 weeks.

Amisa Specs

Like Rohl, NP Brass focuses on the higher end market, so the starting price for the Amisa is over $600.

Moen Dartmoor (6″)

The Moen Dartmoor also has a spout reach of 6″. It’s an entry level faucet that is available in 4 finishes: Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Matte Black & Oil Rubbed Bronze. One thing to note with the Moen Dartmoor is that, like most Moen widespreads, it’s sold in 2 parts: The rough & the finish. The price might look like a great bargain until you find out that you need to add $90-100 for the rough-in. We’ve seen it happen too many times.

Moen Dartmoor Widespread Faucet Specs

Symmons Dia (6″)

Coming in last on our list but also tied for 7th place is the Symmons Dia widespread faucet. It’s an entry level faucet that will fit into a typical modern bathroom and even some transitional applications as well. It’s one of the most popular collections for Symmons so it’s probably a faucet that will be supported by the company for years to come. It’s available in four finishes: Polished Chrome, Satin Nickel, Brushed Bronze & Matte Black.

Our Criteria for this list

To compile our list, we decided to weed out some unwanted results. Technically there are more faucets with longer spout reach than the ones mentioned above. However, those faucets tend to serve specific niche (i.e. Tall Vessel Faucet, Commercial faucets or Wall mounted faucet. We decided to narrow down our list for what most people would be looking for.

  • The industry standard for spout reach is measured center to center (from the center of the spout hole to the center of the spout outlet). As a result, we only included products that have this measurement available in their spec sheets. The vast majority of faucets do, but there are a few that decided to not include it for one reason or another.
  • We focused on reputable brands only: Kohler, American Standard, Delta, Moen, etc.. In other words, we left out obscure foreign brands that are hard to find, or brands that can “only” be purchased online. We simply don’t have enough experience with these outliers
  • We removed all wall mounted faucets. Wall Mount faucets need to have a long reach since the base of the faucet is set so far back. It’s not surprising that some of the faucet that technically have the longest spout are wall mounted faucets.
  • We excluded extremely tall faucets. Tall faucets are simply too tall for most bathroom applications or worse yet they might fall in the category “Vessel Sink Faucet” category. We decided to limit the list to faucets that are 9″ or less. If you don’t mind the extremely tall faucet, see our list of “Bathroom Faucet with Spout length of 7″ or more”
  • We also elected to have a separate category for Single Hole Faucets. See below

Single Hole Faucet With The Longest Reach

Since 8 inch widespread faucets tend to have longer spouts than singe handle / single hole faucets, we decided to have a separate the two lists. While we were able to find a few with spouts 6″ or longer, widespread faucets dominated the category.

Hansgrohe Metropol (6-1/8″)

It’s surprising to see Hansgrohe on this list since their faucets tend to be on the smaller side. However, since Hansgrohe has been getting more popular in the American market, they need to have more products for their target audience.

Metropol Specs

The Metropol is one of their newer families of faucets, and it comes in a variety of configurations and sizes. This particular model sports a 6-1/8″ spout reach, long enough to be tied for the top spout on our list. It comes in 6 finishes: Chorme, Brush Nickel, Matte Black, Matte White, Brushed Bronze & Brushed Black Chrome.

Pfister Iyla Single Handle Faucet (6-1/8″)

The Pfister Iyla line that makes a long spout a priority. It’s the only collection that made both lists in this article. Just like it’s widespread counterpart it’s available in the same 4 finishes: Chrome, Brush Nickel, Polished Nickel & Tuscan Bronze.

Iyla Single Hole Specs

Kohler Composed Single Handle Faucet (6″)

Just like the Hansgrohe Metropol, the Kohler Composed is available in a variety of configurations. This particular model is the only one with a 6″ spout reach. It’s available in the following finishes: Chrome, Matte Black & Titanium

Brizo Invari (6″)

If you need to have a traditional style faucet with a spout length of 6″ or more, The Brizo Invari is your best bet. It’s perfect for a powder room with a larger sink area than normal. It was the only traditional style faucdet we were able to find to meet these parameters. The Kohler Artifacts was close but did not quite reach 6″.

The Brizo Invari is a high mid to high end range faucet. Brizo is the sister company of Delta, so their products tend to be sold in a variety of retail stores with reasonable availability.

It’s available in the following Finishes

  • Polished Chrome
  • Luxe Nickel – Brizo’s Brushed Nickel Ffnish
  • Luxe Gold – Brizo’s Brushed Brass finish
  • Polished Gold – Similar to a Polished Brass finish
  • Luxe Steel – Similar to Kohler’s Titanium finish

Bathroom Sink Faucets with 7″ Reach & Above

For the vast majority, our list of the top 9 faucets with longest reach will do the trick. However, we do realize there are some people out there with some extreme cases looking for faucets with extremely long spouts.

Below is a list of deck mounted faucets with 7″ long reach or more. Keep in mind that we still excluded wall mounted faucets from this list.

Warning: A 7″ spout is quite a long spout, we would highly suggest to check these faucets out and see if they would fit in your application. These are only reserved for niche applications.

Victorian Style & Bridge Bathroom Sink Faucets

Of all the faucets on this list, the Victorian style faucets are the most “normal”. However, the reason we put them in this category is because this is a very specific style that will not suit most people looking for a faucet with a long spout reach. Also, these faucets are typically up there in price.

Here are some Victorian style faucets with a long spout reach

  • Brizo Tresa (7″) – The Brizo Tresa Victorian style faucet is available both in a bridge style and a standard deck mounted faucet. It’s available in 4 finishes.
  • Rohl Arcana( 7-1/8″) – It’s not surprising to see Rohl once again make a list of faucets with long spout reach. The Rohl Arcana is a classic Rohl collection, one of their most popular product.
  • Newport Brass Chesterfield (6-15/16″) – The Newport Brass Chesterfield did not quite make the 7″, but it’s only 1/16 of an inch shy. There are quite a few Victorian style faucet longer than the Chesterfield but we try to stick to reputable brands that you can physically buy at your local showroom.

Extremely Tall Faucets

While Extremely Tall Sink Faucets are fine for a vessel sink, it’s not necessarily the best for a standard bathroom, except for special circumstances. The most common application for these faucets are when they are being installed in a large bathroom where the tall faucet is a focal point of the visual aesthetics.

Be careful with these faucets as they might stand out a little too much. They won’t suit most bathrooms even some large ones. Below are some examples of faucets that fall in this category

Newport Brass East Linear Specs

  • Graff Sade (8-1/2″) – The 8.5″ spout reach for the Sade is misleading since the center of the spout itself is set back. However, even if you remove one extra inch, it’s still one of the longest spout in the industry at 7.5″)
  • Kallista Script (7-1/8″) – Kallista is the high end luxury line of the Kohler family. The most obvious drawback of this faucet is that it’s only available in chrome & brushed nickel finish.
  • Newport Brass East Linear (7-1/8″) – The NP Brass East Linear is available in a variety of spouts, but it’s the gooseneck spout that makes our list of longest spout reach in this category.

Commercial Bathroom Sink Faucets

Commercial Bathroom Sink Faucets warrant a longer spout than normal because they often get used in unique application. One of the best known examples are faucets used for a wheel chair sink. This type of sink is longer front to back than your typical residential wall mount. As a result, the faucets used for this sink have a spout reach much longer than a standard Faucet.

Here are some examples of Commercial Faucets with a long spout reach.

Delta 27C – This faucet has a spout length of 9″ and measures 14″ in height. Because it’s used in bathrooms with wheelchair access, It comes equipped with wing style handles for easy operation and ADA compliance. We should note that this is one of many Delta commercial faucets. This particular one comes with 4″ centers but 8″ widespread faucets are also available.

American Standard Monterrey – The American Standard Monterrey is very similar to the Delta 27C. Although this particular model is equipped with a spout that’s only 8″ in reach. It’s also quite shorter at 10-1/2″.

Zurn Z831G4-XL – Zurn is a brand that is solely focused on commercial products. As such, it offers a variety of commercial of commercial faucets. This particular faucet is 8″ in spout reach and has a spout height of only 8″

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